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Amy’s experience of Rajesh Koothrappali is kind of complicated, nevertheless they are still close friends

In “The newest Unicamente Oscillation”, Sheldon puts Amy outside of the apartment very they can possess some quiet time be effective. She hangs in Leonard and you can Penny’s apartment and starts to bond having Leonard. They were both spelling bee winners and additionally they exercise Cent having a night of all of them trying to stump both having spelling conditions. Another nights they start reenacting old high school science plans particularly undertaking scorching frost and you can strengthening a wave top of popsicle sticks.


Amy’s relationship with Howard is somewhat challenging the same exact way because it’s having Sheldon, but they are close friends. She, instance Sheldon and you will Dr. Gablehauser, can make fun out-of Howard to possess devoid of an effective doctorate and his almost every other idiosyncrasies; although not, in the “The new Scavenger Vortex,” she and you can Howard spend your time by yourself to one another for the first time and you may thread over a mutual fascination with Neil Diamond audio, believed performance travel and you can finish this new episode with karaoke. She seemingly have much more typical fun having Howard than simply that have Sheldon. They just after discussed doing it again, in “The latest Fermentation Bifurcation”, it’s indicated that it haven’t adopted on they since then in addition to their mutual discussion are going to be tough. In the “The latest Venture Toxic contamination”, Howard and you may Amy work together to the a brain controlled automatic product. Howard surprises their particular together with magic and purchase sparetime playing audio and every moving together, anything Amy doesn’t get related to Sheldon.


Their unique experience of your are going to be discussed exactly the same way they is with Sheldon. Inside “This new Santa Simulation”, the inventors love to enjoy a game title regarding Dungeons and Dragons more than

arrangements making use of their girls, prompting Amy, Cent, and you can Bernadette head to a club having a women’s night. Raj tags plus all of them after his D&D character becomes deceased inside very first five full minutes. At the club while the girls are trying to assist Raj come across an effective girl, Raj suggests in it which he had anything to have Penny and you may Bernadette, however, always tries to particularly good friend’s girlfriend one in the good time. Amy upcoming claims one Raj need to have got anything to have their own, however, he reacts having a no. Harm of the comment, Amy shows their particular prior unfortunate experiences regarding men, including exactly how once she passed out within good frat blender and you will woke up with way more outfits on the, Raj up coming empathizes along with her regarding the their trouble that have girls and you will they smile a tiny at each almost every other which have Amy placing comments with the her most recent relationship with Sheldon and exactly how this may takes place which have Raj and you will good girl. Once they are typical about to leave, Amy says you to the woman is an excellent given that she knows Raj loves their and Raj comes after out with Penny stating that he form off loves their now that he understands the woman is perhaps not into your. Boosting on the relationship ranging from Amy and you will Raj now that they one another learn they are to each other throughout the missed agencies of one’s reverse gender. When you look at the “Brand new Friendship Turbulence”, Raj asks Amy to resolve good girl you to responded Raj’s dating internet site. Even though the girl thinks you to Raj is simply too shy and you can inactive, she do hit right up a friendship with Amy. After Raj fees during the to their coffees get-to one another, the guy ruins a potential friendship having Emily both for of them. Amy is the merely member of the team that on a regular basis calls your “Rajesh”. The guy and you may Howard in addition try to greatly help Amy with Bert exactly who has actually a good smash on the he rand they end planning a stone inform you with Bert.

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