Vibration Events

C. 1960 00080-Box 01-File 07-04 Lester L

Wentz, Napoleon, Region Chairman; Mrs

Richard Schaffer 00080-Field step one-File 06-191 Mr. Wilbert Schumacher 00080-Container step 1-Document 06-192 Mr. Leo Johs 00080-Box 1-File 06-193 Mr. Burt Siems 00080-Package step one-File 06-194 Mrs. Donald F. Chandler 00080-Container 1-File 06-195 Mr. Clarence B.

Bismarck Tribune Collection 00080-Field 01-Document 07-01 House getting moved across the street 00080-Field 01-File 07-02 Home moving 00080-Container 01-File 07-03 L. Dan Jones, Counsel, IPAA, Arizona, D. Albaugh 00080-Package 01-Document 07-05 David C. Westbrook 00080-Box 01-Document 07-06 Young adults with the couch looking at magazine 00080-Container 01-Document 07-07 Leader relatives sculpture 00080-Package 01-File 07-08 Unfamiliar woman 00080-Field 01-Document 07-09 Evelyn Baskin 00080-Field 01-Document 07-ten Thomas C. Farvell 00080-Field 01-File 07-eleven Robert L. Milisen, Manager, Message and Hearing Medical center, Indiana College 00080-Box 01-File 07-several Letter. H. Crotinger 00080-Field 01-Document 07-13 Guy thinking about X-Light – Tillie? G. Jensen, A great. E. Expansion Agronomist 00080-Container 01-File 07-20 Gary Kleven, Riverview 4-H, that have color 00080-Box 01-File 07-21 Lorraine Brilz, Menoken Progressives, that have beets evaluated of the L.

Ten cyclists participated in it experience

G. Jensen, Good. Age. Extension Agronomist 00080-Package 01-Document 07-twenty two Linnea Andahl, Riverview Pub, having tomatoes 00080-Package 01-Document 07-23 Miles Anderson, Smiling Boys cuatro-H club, that have potatoes evaluated 00080-Container 01-Document 07-24 Douglas Alm of However Hustlers 4-H pub obtained blue-ribbon getting dealing with tractor on the young boys’ age group 00080-Container 01-Document 07-25 Dale Vogel, ten, very first 12 months from inside the cuatro-H, becomes a blue bow towards the garden enterprise 00080-Box 01-Document 07-twenty-six Stanton School 00080-Field 01-File 07-27 Stanton University 00080-Container 01-Document 07-twenty-eight Stanton University 00080-Box 01-File 07-31 Highway Design 00080-Field 01-File 07-30 St. Anne’s Church setting up laminated arches off Douglas Fir away from Oregon. Arches safety 120 foot span instead beams (building 120 greater) – Related Designers is builders – Complete whenever $260,000 – Building should be completed from the March, states Bernard Hillyer, designer in the pictures 00080-Field 01-File 07-29 Bernard Hillyer, designer, facing St.

Anne’s Chapel construction 00080-Package 01-Document 07-32 Building 00080-Box 01-File 07-33 As yet not known man 00080-Field 01-File 07-34 One or two men that have machine 00080-Field 01-Document 07-35 Gang of men 00080-Package 01-Document 07-36 Arthur Greybull, Cannonball District 00080-Package 01-File 07-37 James Eliminates Live, Little Eagle District 00080-Field 01-Document 07-38 Aljoe Agard, Tribal President 00080-Box 01-Document 07-39 Ell Walin? Hushka, Manning, Clarence Carroll, Dickinson, Robert Robinson, Washburn, and you may Emanuel Suess, Stanton 00080-Container 01-Document 07-46 County Relationship out-of Sign in out of Deeds Appointment – Joseph J.

Bismarck Tribune Range – Sep 00080-Field 01-Document 07-51 One or two guys reputation having short trailer 00080-Field 01-Document 07-52 Mrs. Peter Gibson 00080-Field 01-Document 07-53 Gang of feminine with the visit to Washington 00080-Field 01-Document 07-54 Demonstration of the Bismarck Winnings Club’s quilt to your Virgin Isles Museum, St. Thomas, V.We. Off kept try Jim Bough, treasurer of your own art gallery committee; Mrs. Dennis Lagarde, museum custodian; Evan Francois, Republican committeeman regarding the Virgin Isles; Expenses Quetel, and you may Mrs. Ethel Byers. The final three represented the U.S. Virgin Islands within Republican discussion within the Chi town. Mrs. Byers is actually regarding the her husband, Significant Joseph Byers, regarding the procedure of Boat Retreat, one of many Virgin Islands’ leading resort. 00080-Box 01-Document 07-55 Les Rasmussen and you can Joe LaFave – Bismarck Pacemakers 00080-Container 01-Document 07-es Stroup, and Larry Foss out of Hazen 00080-Field 01-Document 07-57 Vicki Dillavou, Bismarck Large, President out-of day tutorial 00080-Box 01-File 07-58 Flag traveling on top of one’s capitol for example big date only. Governor’s office acquired page and you will flag from Otis Banner Providers from inside the Louisville (KY), asking for they travel flag for 1 date atop the newest capitol, same as is regular having Dated Magnificence in Arizona, D.C. Banner to be used inside the unique patriotic monitor when you look at the Kentucky. 00080-Field 01-File 07-59 Albert E. Sonntag and you will Daniel Roentgen. deWet 00080-Field 01-Document 07-60 Norman H. Davis, Jr. – Electric Seminar – Administrator Professional, Chicago 00080-Container 01-File 07-61 Mrs. P.J. Karl Ericson, The Rockford; Mrs. Ross McIntosh, Cavalier, County President; and Mrs. Morris 00080-Package 01-File 07-62 Joe Niece, Horse Share driver, picking up brand new send regarding Postal Clerk Harold Land in Beach (ND). The new Horse Express trip is actually commemorating this new 100th wedding of Horse Show. 00080-Field 01-File 07-64 Within one of many relay channels that was toward Montana-North Dakota range, the post has been obtained by a rider for the a new pony to be carried to a different driver a mile out. 00080-Package 01-Document 07-65 Mrs. Lydia Erwin, Bis Age. Unti, Executive Movie director, Jamestown; Robert Milisen, Indiana School 00080-Field 01-File 07-66 People at the side of host 00080-Container 01-File 07-67 Several dudes shaking give 00080-Box 01-File 07-68 Unfamiliar partners 00080-Container 01-Document 07-69 Terry Morris, Missouri Hill 4-H ameriМ‡kali erkekler iМ‡Г§iМ‡n en iМ‡yiМ‡ yabanci kadinlar, during the tractor race 00080-Box 01-File 07-70 Unknown few – The state sure

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