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To possess investigation and you will details about the brand new Palazzeschi-Marinetti relationship select also De Maria 1978, vii-xii; Prestigiacomo 1978, xii-xxiii

Get a hold of including Tavolato We., Karl Kraus, «L’Anima», step one (6), Summer 1911: 184-188 and «Theodor Daubler», (9), Sep 1911: 275-285. For «Los angeles Voce» look for Tavolato We., Frank Wedekind, «La Voce» 4 (22), 29 Can get 1912, and his awesome opinion Otto Weininger. Sesso e carattere. Grams Fenoglio, 4 (44), 30 Oct 1912.

For many of us homosexuality can be absolute and you can spontaneous given that heterosexuality

«He had been maybe not a lucky people. Abrupt second thoughts and you can misunderstandings familiar with struck him and it also perform eventually him he is actually definitely as a result of the dilemma of his pride; in which he pursued for an excessive period a longevity of closure, and this finished in some really disordered acts considering orgies, night life, serial light night. Provided his temperament, I do believe he necessary this to live on. You will find believe many times regarding your through the their absences since a particular applicant to possess suicide, plus in such periods I can imagine him closed inside the totally dark room, also at noon, preparing a rope to hold himself».

Traduzione dal tedesco dal dott

Tavolato’s main texts about point in the «Lacerba» are: L’anima di Weininger, «Lacerba», step 1 (1), 1 January 1913; Contro los angeles spirits sessuale, step 1 (3), step 1 March 1913; Glossa sopra il manifesto futurista della lussuria, 1 (6), 15 February 1913; Elogio della prostituzione, step 1 (9), 1 Can get 1913; Il convito non platonico, step one (14), fifteen July 1913. His booklet is authored by mid 1913: Contro la comfort sessuale (Firenze: Ferrante Gonelli, 1913). To have an imaginary membership of your attacks around Tavolato’s strategy founded on no. 1 provide, look for Vassalli 1986. Find as well as a regard to Tavolato’s messages within the Bonetta, 366 and you will Adamson 1993, 176-177.

The new page out-of Palazzeschi in order to Marinetti off April 1911 might be described as proof Palazzeschi’s believe to Marinetti [Marinetti, Palazzeschi 1978, 44-45].

«It seemed as if on third place [of the Giubbe Rosse] there had been a conference of all the family relations of these around three young men you to Petronius makes protagonists away from his Satyricon. [ 10 melhores paГ­ses para encontrar uma esposa. ] These folks, who have been immodestly passageway on their own off up to Florence as ‘Futurists, was soon expelled for the prohibition out-of coming back on the webpages, significantly less than punishment from getting in touch with the police».

«Futurists, without excessively regard getting dated morality, have nothing to state, officially talking, up against pederasty». Giovanni Papini, Ora basta!, «Lacerba», 2 (3), step one March 1914: 37. “Pederasta” try the preferred keyword into the Italy now so you can consider a male homosexual [Benadusi 2005, 313, n. 15].

«For its huge diffusion as time passes and you can area pederasty is thus perhaps not, a beneficial priori, against characteristics, because the only the very rare and you will aside-of-average some thing shall be named up against character. However, Futurists need certainly to admit one to, with regard to that it, he is shamefully normal and old-fashioned. Regardless of if certainly one of their manifestoes asserts the scorn to have lady – thought to be the brand new icon of all deterioration romanticisms – we should instead acknowledge that individuals instance female and this we infinitely common these to any man. Some of us (Balla, Folgore, Govoni, Papini, Cavacchiolli, Severini) has actually a spouse and you will people, as well as the other people are – even more, certain less obstinate womanizers. How would such as for example an incorrect legend had been told in the you? Secrets off passatism!», ibidem.

«Into the nothing is brand new mediocre people given that dogmatic such as circumstances concerning sexual choices. All graduation and you may nuance which does not get into his types of taste was evaluated just like the one thing against character», ibidem.

«The bourgeois […] who seems themselves offended within his threefold self-esteem since resident, father, and you will male, each time several folks of an equivalent sex dump the fresh founded norms of one’s bulk to follow brand new norms tracked by their nature», ibidem, 20.

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